Akman, Weber & Partner mbB, Rechtsanwälte, Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer

Our Qualifications


Specialist lawyer for family law

Tax law Specialist lawyer for tax law

Chartered accountant/auditor

Akman, Weber & Partner mbB

Abeggstraße 49
65193 Wiesbaden

Tel.: 0611 - 181 44 10
Mail: info@awp.de

Why work with us?

Every key decision these days has interdisciplinary aspects

For example, creating tax structures without legal safeguards would be foolhardy, but assembling a team of specialists in each relevant field from different firms is both time-consuming and costly. That's why it makes sense to put your trust in a law firm which offers expertise in a wide range of issues.

AWP provides auditing, legal and tax advice services all in-house. Integrated advice means that we consider issues from all perspectives. Comprehensive advice is not just our goal—it is the bread and butter of our daily work. We tailor the services we offer to your specific needs.

We take our time with you.