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Our Qualifications


Specialist lawyer for family law

Tax law Specialist lawyer for tax law

Chartered accountant/auditor

Akman, Weber & Partner mbB

Abeggstraße 49
65193 Wiesbaden

Tel.: 0611 - 181 44 10
Mail: info@awp.de

AWP - About us...

We are lawyers, tax consultants and accountants organised as a partnership. The law offices of Peri Akman, Cornelius Weber and Partner (AWP) have been serving clients since 1995.

Peri Akman is a lawyer and a certified specialist in family law. The main focus of her practise is family law, international private law, labour and inheritance law, and legal matters pertaining to agents and brokers.

Inge Simon is our chartered accountant and will advise you on all questions related to tax structuring.

Cornelius Weber is a lawyer with a specialism in tax law and a chartered accountant. His activities are focused on corporate and business law, tax consultancy and auditing.

Mr Weber studied law at the University of Mainz and became a licensed lawyer after a legal clerkship in Wiesbaden in 1989. While working at a prestigious auditing firm in Frankfurt for several years, he passed the exam to become a certified auditor.

Mr Weber's combination of education and many years of experience shape his practice advising his clients on issues related to the tax consequences of the law.